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Last nights party!!!

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

 Last night we hosted a UFC viewing party at Club Flight in Huntington Beach as well as throwing a Bday bash for Carlos Torres. The night started off with all the Sullen friends and family gathering eating appetizers, sipping our favorite beverages and completely taking over the club ( as usual ) while watching the fights. I myself didnt think the fights were that great and I can tell the same went for a lot of others as well, so what do we do when your bored at a club, yup thats right you drink more hahaha. People were racking up bar tabs and having a great time as usual at a Sullen party. After the fights some of the club waitresses brought out a good size cake for Mr. Torres and candles for him to blow out as Sullen TV catches all the action. The night brought some great people to celebrate Torres’s bday from Big Gus, Lost Souls, Sullen athletes, Sullen owners, Marvin from Tattoo stories and of course the Sullen TV crew shooting video and capturing the most classic photos. The outside was decorated all pimp with a huge backdrop for sick photo ops as well as the inside was covered in Sullen banners. I’d say the night turned out so much fun after what was looking like a slow night from the fights. Sullen would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting and check back for the pics and video from the night. In the mean time here is the current Carlos Torres t’ shirt and fine art available on