Throwback Thursday- “Buried Treasures”

As I was looking through all the great videos the Sullen TV department has been putting out for the last couple years I began to think, “hmmm…. all these rad videos need to re-surface and be shown to the world again”. Well now just that is going to happen, I am going to dig through the archives on our youtube page and post one every week for “Throwback Thursday” until they are all viewed again.

This one I chose is a good one, it features celebrities, athletes and ring girls along with host Pamela Jean Noble in Las Vegas for the 1st annual MMA awards. Besides all that good stuff though is that I thought it was cool that  this video actually got posted this same day 2 years ago, crazy to see how things have changed from then to now, good changes of course. So sit back and enjoy this oldie but goodie video from the Sullen TV dept and thanks for checking in with us, feel free to subscribe to our blog and to the Sullen TV Youtube channel also.

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