Throw Back Thursday- Buried Treasure

We are back for another “Throw Back Thursday”- Buried Treasure today which happens to be with one of my favorite artists Mr. Flaks. Two years ago this day Flaks rolled up to the Huntington Beach head Quarters to finish up some lettering for a collab piece we were doing. As soon as we heard he was coming down Sullen Tv got there cameras ready because if you know Flaks then you know some funny stuff will be coming out of his mouth. As they did lettering, Ryan Smith took the microphone and started hittin Flaks with some questions, a couple being about his new tattoo shop called Nittis Tattoo Parlor in Chula Vista.

2 years later Nitti’s Tattoo is going strong and so is the relationship with Sullen and Mr. Flaks, we just released the New Era Nitti hat that’s available in 3 colors. Check out the video below, re-post it on facebook and “Like” it and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.




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