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Sullen Artist Interview | Ryan Marquez | ‘RM Script’ | Spring 2015



RM Script
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Ryan Marquez never suspected that his design would land him a spot in the Sullen Family. We don’t want to give too much away right off the bat, but let’s just say we’re stoked that things turned out the way they did with Ryan Marquez and his new design ‘RM Script‘.

RM Script

Here’s what Ryan had to say about his unexpected journey into the Sullen Art Collective:

Sullen: Where did inspiration stem from for your new design ‘RM Script’?

Ryan: The original sketch I did was actually for the Norm X Sullen Lettering Contest, so I created this script. All in all I got most of my inspiration from the letterheads I look up to: BJ Betts, Norm and Big Meas just to name a few.

Sullen: What about this design are you most proud of?

Ryan: I’m really stoked on the fact that my design made the cut. I was hyped that I was doing something for Sullen, the company that a lot of letterheads I look up to worked with.

Sullen: What did you struggle most with when creating this new design?

Ryan: It really wasn’t difficult at all. I was just sitting at my dining room table when I saw the Norm X Sullen contest post on Instagram and jumped right to it. Ryan Smith saw some potential in my design so he and I got to rappin’ and that’s how it happened… so to speak.

Sullen: Tell us a little about your experience working with Sullen Clothing & the Sullen Art Collective

Ryan: Very easygoing!

Sullen: What are you looking forward to most in 2015?

Ryan: I look forward to doing more projects with Sullen, traveling and creating a lot more art and tattoos

Rm Script 2

Thank you again to Ryan Marquez for taking time to let us bug you with questions and for being apart of our Spring 2015 season. 

To purchase one of  Ryan Marquez’s ’RM Script’ Tees

visit SullenClothing.Com or a retailer near you.

Black Flys (Australia)

Edge Clothing (AB Canada)

Black Steel (Spain)

Rise Up (Belarus)

NK Supplies (Greece)

(please call shop for product availability)

Sullen Artist Interview | Travis Greenough | ‘Brinkster’ | Spring 2015



Photo 2014-02-06, 10 46 07 PM
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We had the pleasure of working with Travis Greenough for the first time this past year. Co-Owner and Creative Director Ryan Smith had a great experience working closely with Travis on his new Spring 2015 design we like to call, the Brinkster Badge.

Brinkster Solo Front Brinkster Solo Back

We’re thankful that Travis took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us about the creative process behind the ‘Brinkster Badge‘ design. Keep reading to find out what he had to say…

Sullen: Where did inspiration stem from for your new design ‘Brinkster Badge’?

Travis: It’s hard for me to explain where inspiration comes from for most of my designs. I just kind of scribble until something hits me. Some artists have deep meanings to their work but I’m usually trying to aim for a design that looks “cool” to me and something I think will be “cool” to other people. However, I did want to ale this piece interesting by having contrast is structured  patterns extending from more organic shapes. I’m usually just aiming to make a striking design with dark or creepy imagery

Sullen: What about this design are you most proud of?

Travis: My favorite part of this design is its overall readability. There are several elements in this design and it can get really easy to confuse them all together. So I think the balance and composition is what I’m most proud of.

Sullen: What did you struggle most with when creating this new design?

Travis: The biggest struggle for me was how time consuming some of the architecture was. I tend to naturally be more loose with my art so whenever I add hard structured elements I tend to find myself frustrated with how much it slows me down. Although rewarding in the end, I find myself struggling through the process

Sullen: Tell us a little about your experience working with Sullen Clothing & the Sullen Art Collective

Travis: Working with Sullen Clothing has been fantastic. Possibly the most professional and genuine companies I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with. I worked closely with Ryan Smith while creating this design and he was fantastic. I’m so happy to contribute to the Sullen Art Collective and look forward to working with them again.

Sullen: What are you looking forward to most in 2015?

Travis: In 2015 I’m really looking forward to trying to take my art to the next level. Having just opened Closed Casket Custom Tattoos I’ve created work space that’s comfortable and allows me more flexibility during my creative process. I’m always looking forward to the crazy art that is coming out of the tattoo industry. From people I’ve been following for years who reinvent themselves, to the new artists putting their new age spin on things. I love seeing all the different takes on tattooing and it’s something I’m definitely looking forward to.

Travis was cool enough to send us some shots he took during the creative process of the ‘Brinkster Badge‘. ENJOY!

Photo 2013-12-29, 9 28 54 PM Photo 2013-12-29, 9 45 56 PM

Photo 2014-01-03, 9 52 53 AM Photo 2014-01-01, 11 57 30 PM


Photo 2014-02-06, 10 46 07 PM


We’d like to again thank Travis for all of his time spent creating the ‘Brinkster Badge‘ design, for working with Sullen Clothing, and for allowing us to celebrate his work!

To purchase one of  Travis Greenough’s ’Brinkster Badge’ Tees

visit SullenClothing.Com or a retailer near you.

Retailers carrying ‘Brinkster Badge’ include:

K Momo Indian School (Phoenix, AZ)

Aztlan Gallery (Palm Desert)

Blue Banana (United Kingdom)

Premier Products GMBH (Danischenhagen, Germany)

VitaBoard (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

(please call shop for product availability)


Sullen Artist Interview | Paolo Acuna | ‘Art for the Soul’ | Spring 2015



Art For the Soul2
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We’ve had the pleasure of getting to work with Paolo Acuna many times over the years. One of his original designs for Sullen Clothing, the ACUNA BADGE, has become one of our core designs and we continue to carry it season after season. We’re pretty stoked that Paolo created a new design (Art for the Soul) for us for the Spring 2015 season.

Art For the Soul2

When we had a chance to sit down with Paolo to talk about his recent design, we were pretty flattered to hear what he had to say-

Sullen: Where did inspiration stem from for your new design ‘Art for the Soul’?

Paolo: Inspiration for ‘Art for the Soul’ originally came from my painting titled ‘Art From the Heart’. I created this painting a few years ago when I was asked to participate in Sullen’s Art Driven art show. This show included an amazing group of artists that were chosen by Sullen. The theme was based around what drives us as artists. And it turns out my interpretation was a beautiful woman holding paint brushes close to her heart. Almost as though she was praying or meditating with the paint brushes. I guess my art serves as a form of prayer or meditation for my life.

Sullen: What about this design are you most proud of?

Paolo: I suppose I’m most proud of the expression on the models face and the way in which I painted her. I spent a great deal of time preparing the canvas beforehand. Layering the face many times, I worked really hard to get the expression just right in order to really show her love and passion for the art.

Sullen: What did you struggle most with when creating this new design?

Paolo: I struggled most with the models hands on this painting. As is usually the case, hands in art are very difficult. In this particular painting, the subject is holding 9 paint brushes which made it that much more challenging to create. This was definitely fun to paint but was challenging to make it read well without being too technical.

Sullen: Tell us a little about your experience working with Sullen Clothing & the Sullen Art Collective

Paolo: This is my 4th shirt with Sullen Clothing, and I’m SO stoked! I feel really fortunate to be working with Sullen. The exposure has been awesome and so has being a part of such a cool company. Sullen truly seeks out great artwork and artists. It’s a true honor to work with them all. I hope to create more images that Sullen uses in its lineup. I’d also enjoy getting to participate in Sullen events. Thank you again to everyone at Sullen Clothing.

Sullen: What are you looking forward to most in 2015?

Paolo: I feel very optimistic about 2015. I have many irons in the fire and so many art projects that I plan to get to. I’m definitely looking forward to everything this year has in store for me and for every experience it will bring!

Art For the Soul Art For the Soul3

To purchase one of Paolo Acuna’s ’Art for the Soul’ Tees

visit SullenClothing.Com or a retailer near you.

Retailers carrying ‘Art for the Soul’ include:

Black Flys (Australia)

Aztlan Gallery (Palm Desert)

Blue Banana (United Kingdom)

Altered Ego Clothing (Maryland, USA)

Red Lion (Columbia)

Stellar Gear (Saskatoon, Canada)

Drunk School Dist. (Mexico)

(please call shop for product availability)

Sullen Artist Interview | Chris Herrera | ‘Herrera Badge’ | Spring 2015



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Chris Herrera is among the many talented artists Sullen Clothing has had the pleasure of working with over the last 14 years. Originally serving in the U.S. Navy, Chris separated from that career early on in order to pursue his love for art. Many years later, he’s continued to succeed as an artist specializing in traditional pencil and pen art. Based in New York- Chris sells his original works, prints of his originals, and is open to taking commissioned work at ChrisHerreraArt.Com

We were lucky enough to recently get a chance to pick Chris’s brain about his new design for Sullen- The “Herrera Badge”. Here’s what he had to say:

Sullen: Chris, where did inspiration stem from for your new design- “Herrera Badge”

Chris: As you can see from my other drawings, I love realism. Ryan (Sullen Clothing Co-Owner and Creative Director) approached me and said he’d like me to do a realistic version of the Sullen Logo. A good friend of mine (IG: @Pdudes_Arts) who is a great photographer took some shots of one of his skull and brushes designs and sent it to me. The one I chose was my favorite due to the light illuminating from the skull. I loved the feel of it. I was really excited to see it on a Tee.

Sullen: What about the design are you most proud of?

Chris: I am EXTREMELY proud of the amount of detail that I was able to put into this design. I enjoy putting little details that a lot of people tend to overlook.

Sullen: What did you struggle with most when creating the “Herrera Badge”

Chris: It took me a little over 100 hours to complete this design. That is the longest I’ve ever spent on a single drawing. That being said, it was hard to keep myself interested in getting it done. 100 hours requires a lot of patience! It helps having other drawings on the side so that I can come back to the design with a fresh view.

Sullen: Tell us a little about your experience working with Sullen Clothing & the Sullen Art Collective

Chris: Sullen was great to work with! Ryan gave me a lot of freedom with this piece, which was great. I love drawing skulls so this worked out perfectly (haha). I hope I can continue to create designs for Sullen.

Sullen: What are you looking forward to most about 2015?

Chris: This year I am honestly just trying to get my work into group shows and exhibitions. I want people to see my work and in person because seeing them online just doesn’t do them justice. A lot of the details get lost in the pictures.

We’re stoked to celebrate Chris’s work for our Spring 2015 season. It was great getting a chance to work with him and hope we’ll have the opportunity to have him design for us again in the future. 

To purchase one of Chris Herrera’s “Herrera Badge” Tees visit SullenClothing.Com or a retailer near you. 

Retailers carrying ‘Herrera Badge” include:

Black Flys (Australia)

Brooklyn Bridge (El Salvador)

Jack of Hearts Tattoo (Canada)

The Edge Clothing (Canada)

Red Lion (Columbia)

Mars Venus (Edmonton, Canada)

Drunk School Dist. (Mexico)

(please call shop for product availability)

Here are some progress shots Chris was kind enough to send us of his creative process for “Herrera Badge”

IMG_9060 IMG_9152


Ryan Smith: Exclusive ‘Under the Skin’ Interview Pt. 1



Smith Skin
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Sullen Tv’s | ‘Under the Skin’ Interview with Tattoo Artist Ryan Smith- Pt.1

Smith Skin

Ryan Smith and Jeremy Hanna are the masterminds behind Sullen Clothing and the Sullen Art Collective. When they started the company together back in 2001, Jeremy and Smith (as he’s known around Sullen HQ) knew they wanted to create their own path. They didn’t want your typical 9-5 job, or to work under someone else. They were determined to make a career out of their own ideas & aspirations.

In Pt.1 of ‘Under the Skin’ Smith explains how Sullen Clothing started in a small apartment in downtown Huntington Beach, California. In between working 2-3 jobs, Smith would spend his nights creating new designs for Sullen merchandise. For about the first five years, Smith says that they had no idea what direction they’d take the company. They struggled to find their identity as Sullen Clothing. It wasn’t until they started attending tattoo conventions that Jeremy & Smith found a connection to a specific target demographic. Tattooers, people who enjoy getting tattooed, and most importantly; tattoo art. They knew this was where they belonged. After five years of doing it wrong, Jeremy and Smith knew they now had it right.

Watch the full ‘Under the Skin’ Pt.1 Interview HERE to find out how Jeremy and Smith brought so much success to the brand Sullen Clothing, learn about Smith’s tattoo career- beginning with his apprenticeships, see how Artist Big Gus and Smith’s friendship began, and discover what life threatening event changed Jeremy and Smith forever.

Sullen Tv’s | ‘Under the Skin’ Interview with Tattoo Artist Ryan Smith- Pt.1

Inked Up Tour Finale Wrap Party Photos

Inked Up Tour 2015 presented by Rockstar Energy Drink, Sullen Clothing & Inked Magazine was a huge success!

Congratulations 1st Place Winner Roman Abrego from Artistic Element

2nd Place Teneile Napoloi from Garage Ink

3rd Place Mike DeVries from MD Tattoo Studio

Below are photos from our Inked Up World Tour Wrap Party at On The Rocks in Garden Grove, CA

Photos by Willie T.

VOTE INKED UP Tour 2014 | Can Art

Inked Up Tour 2014 new roster of hand-picked, amazingly talented, Inked Up Tour artists!

Click on your favorite Rockstar can design photo below, and Click to Vote HERE!

The artist with the most votes will take home the cash!

1st place – $20,000 2nd place – $3,500 3rd place – $1,500










Alberta Bound Tattoo | Inked Up Tour

The Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival October 17th, 18th & 19th is is the Last Stop on the Sullen Clothing Rockstar Energy Inked Magazine INKED UP TOUR!!!Located at Calgary Stampede BMO Center in Calgary, CA.  Headlining Tattoo Artist is Mike DeVries, you can Get Tickets HERE.

Mike DeVries Inked Up Tour

Make sure to Vote for your Favorite Rockstar Energy Can Art at

Would you like to Win a Free Tattoo by Mike DeVries?
Vote for Mike DeVries Rockstar Energy Can Art at
Every Vote is an entry to WIN!

Mike DeVries Rockstar Can Art

Mike DeVries Can Art
Mike Devries
tattooing professionally in 2003, as he progressed as a tattoo artist he realized that he found his niche with color realism. Constantly refining and polishing his craft keeps him extremely busy and motivated to climb to the next level.  His tattoo portfolio reveals a preference for wildlife and portrait tattoos, and although realism is the style he is technically “known for,” Mike enjoys tattooing other styles and incorporating different aspects in his work to keep things fresh and interesting.

Check out this rad Sullen TV Portfolio Peek of Mike DeVries, click here.

Mike DeVries Porfolio Peek
Mike DeVries owns and operates MD Tattoo Studio in Northridge, California, and Memento Publishing, books that encompass a passion for the artistic lifestyle.

We’ve featured many of his recent tattoos, enjoy and Don’t Forget To Vote!!!!


He came out for a tattoo of an eye, but he said I could do anything, so this is what I came up with.

Mike DeVries Tattoo
Springbok skull

Reptilian/Human eye mix

SoporAeternus Tattoo


Samurai cover-up

Close up detail shot of Pop-Tart tattoo

Mandrill tattoo

A Yorkie and 2 Maltese dogs

Skull Samurai

Finished tattoo of the Evil Queen

1931 Ford Coupe

Ghost tattoo

Part of a sleeve, this was the first part of his sleeve then we went from there. The whole sleeve was dedicated to his wife.

Sloth from The Goonies.

Big Geisha tattoo.

10607998_1491427901104426_2003907585_nThe original pic and the finished tattoo.

Don’t forget to Vote for your Favorite Rockstar Can Art at Inked Up World Tour

Contact Mike DeVries for a Tattoo Appointment at 9545 Reseda Blvd #2, Northridge, CA 91324(818) 700-2818

Jess Yen | London Tattoo Convention Inked Up Tour

The London Tattoo Convention is the NEXT STOP on the Sullen @sullenclothing Rockstar Energy @rockstarenergy Inked Magazine @inkedmag INKED UP TOUR!!!

We’re honored to have Tattoo Artist is Jess Yen, aka Horiyen, part of the Inked Up TourJess Yen is Headlining The London Tattoo Convention September 26, 27, & 28, 2014.  The fearless leader and creator of Jess Yen Tattoo Family, he has been tattooing since 1992.  Jess offers services in both electrical tattoo machine and traditional hand-poked tattooing (known as Tebori), a multi-awarded artist by both national and international tattoo conventions.

Jess Yen London Tattoo Convention
Would you like to Win a Free Tattoo by Jess Yen?
Vote for Jess Yen’s Rockstar Energy Can Art at
Every Vote is an entry to WIN!

9-22-2014 11-28-52 AM

9-22-2014 2-15-33 PM
Jess yen specialties are Oriental body suit and realistic portraits in both colors and black & grey.
Check out this amazing interview by Sullen TV Jess Yen, click here.

Jess Yen is known as a master of New School Oriental art style where you find elements of realism and materialism in his tattoo. Born and raised in Taiwan, his background in Japanese & Chinese cultures helps inspire unique and creative designs to a list of clientele booked up to two years in advance.

9-22-2014 2-15-15 PM
A student of karma, Jess Yen believes “what goes around, come around” and has dedicated his life to his art, the stories of his clients, and creating masterpieces out of the two.

Full Body Suit Jess Yen
Contact Jess Yen for a Tattoo Appointment MY TATS Huntington Beach, CA,USA. +1(714)847-8484


9-22-2014 2-12-52 PM
9-22-2014 2-12-37 PM

9-22-2014 2-06-54 PM
9-22-2014 2-06-25 PM  9-22-2014 2-05-15 PM
9-22-2014 2-04-36 PM
9-22-2014 2-03-28 PM
9-22-2014 2-03-07 PM
9-22-2014 2-02-14 PM
9-22-2014 2-01-04 PM

Sullen TV Videos of Tattoo Artist Jess Yen:


Tattoo Artists at The London Tattoo Convenion 2014 include: Narvio, Diego Mannino, Adriaan Machete, Filip Leu, Alex Gotza, Antonio Macko Todisco, Tiny Miss Becca, Benjamin Moss, Billi Murran, Bert Krak, Bernd Broghammer, Bill Funk, Anna Paige, Brent McCown, Bugs, Carlos Torres, Chia, Ching, Hua, Yang, Chris Crooks, Chris Stuart, Civ, Claire Reid, Crispy Lennox, Dan Sinnes, Ivana, Daniel Ekdahl, Danny Boy Swayer, Dimitri HK, Eddy Deutshe, Eli Quniters, Eric De Letoile, Florian Karg, George Bardadim, Henning Jorgensen, Horitaka, Jack Mosher, Jamie Ruth, Jason Butcher, Lianne Moule, Jee Sayalero, Jeff Gogue, Jeff Ortega, Jeroen Franken, Jondix, Khan, Kaloian Smokov, Stilian Smokov, Kostas Tzikalagias, Leigh Oldcorn, Marco Galdo, Matt Black, Xed Le Head, Mike The Athens, Mutsuo, Nick Chaboya, Noi Siamese, Noi Siamese, Norm, Patrick Sans, Pawel, Phil Kyle, Pierre Chapelan, Randy Engelhard, Remis Cizauskas, Richie Clarke, Rico, Robert hernadez, Salvador Castaneda, Seth Wood, Shige, Stizzo, Tang Ping, Theo Mindell, Tim Hendricks, Tommy Lee Wendtner, Veronique, Victor Polichieri, Marco Wallace, Yang Zhuo, Yoni Zilber, Yutaro, Zele, Zoi, Ael Lim, Aimee Cornwell, Alvaro Flores, Andrea Pallocchini, Antony Flemming, Beau Brady, Benjamin Laukis, BJ Betts, Bunshin Horitoshi, Caesar, Carl Grace, Colin Jones, Dan Smith, Daniel Rocha, Ashley love, Davide Andreoli, Dillon Forte, Domantas Parvainis, Doug Hardy, Eckel, El Bara, Eric Perfect, Eva Schatz, Giancarlo Capra, Guil Zekri, Henrik Grysbjerg, Horishige Mogi, Horitomo, Indio Reyes, Jacob Pedersen, Phil Holt, Jennifer Liles, Jeremy Liles, Jo Harrison, John Anderton, Johnny Smith, Jukka Pekka Wilkman, Kenji Shigehara, Kiki Platas, Kurt Wiscombe, Laura Juan, Len Leye, Lindsey Carmichael, Luke Atkinson, Luke Stewart, Marina Inoue, Mary Joy, Mick Squires, Miquel Bohigues, Mike Rubendall, Moni Marino, Paul Anthony Dobleman, Phatt German, Pietro Sedda, Pino Cafaro, Rodrigo Melo, Sabine Gaffron, Sake, Sandor Jordan, Stefano C, Steve ma Ching, Sulu’ape Steve Looney, Todd Nble, Kid Kross, Nick Caruso, Ellen Westholm, Cody Zeek, Daniel Martos, George Campise, Brett Schwindt, Mike Tweek, Brian Wilson, Clare Hampshire, Cleo Wattenstrom, Dan Fletcher, Daniel Novais, David Corden, Don Ed Hardy, Eiland Hogan, Wenlong Liu, Kris Magnotti, Valentin Hirsch, Rich Cahill, Fabian De Gaillande, Flo Buttall, Freddy Cobin, Lore Morato, Matt knopp, Matt Howse, Matt Beckerich, Matteo Pasqualin, Paul Booth, Shaun Topper, Sylvio Freitas, Tycho Veldhoen, Valerie Vargas, Ivano Natale, Scott Ford, Piotr Taton, Adam hays, Uncle Allan, Volko Merschky, Simone Pfaff, Big Sleeps, Abey Alvarez, Edgar Aquirre, Bill Loika, Eric Marcinizyn, Alfredo Mojo, Costantino Sasso, Victor Chil, Riccardo Cassese, Thomas Hopper, Steve Byrne, tony Hundahl, Katja Ramirez, Miss Arianna, Heinz, Jess Yen, Lucy Hu, Horishin, Victor Portugal, Johan Finne, Bong, Joao Bosco, Dalmiro Dalmont, Nikole Lowe, Sanya, Luca Ortis, Andy Engel, Tutti Serra, Cesar Mesquita, Rodrigo Suoto, Matthieu Kesselring Leu, Sasha Sevic, Jim Orie, Claudia De Sabe, Deno, Teide, Andrea Furci, Dani Queipo, Mauricio Teodoro, Tomo, Condy Vega, Nick Horn, Miles Monaghan, Hannah Keuls, Grace Neutral, Laurent maina, Touka Voodoo, Mato, Shane Gallagher, Jean Le Roux, Rose Hardy, Yushi Horkichi, Vlady, koji Ichimaru, Fontinha, Telmo Anunciacao, Greg Christian, Javier Rodriquez, Rodrgio, Jack Ribeiro, Milosch, Maarten Emily, daniel Di Mattia, Georga Mavridis, El Monga Sasturain, El Carlo, Jesse Gordon, Clark Seiger, Maneko, Mikael De Poissy, Jen Lee, Hocheon, Diego Rangel, Chuco Moreno, Emily Wood, Endre, El Whyner, Aaron Hodges, Jeremy Lyn Kimzey, Bryan Randolph, Laurent Treleaun, Fonzy, Xoil, Franco Vescovi, Crez, Manekistefy, Steve Soto, Marek Pawlik aka Marzan, Kamil Mocet, Otte Timar, Clod The Ripper, Morg, Alex De pase, Errol, Ami James, Tommy Montoyo, Megan Massacre, Darren Brass, David Kafri, Steve H Morante, Alexandria Wikley, Mel Szeto, Kali, Franco Cecconi, Roberto Borsi, Jack Rudy, Tin Tin, Pili Mo’o, lal Hardy, George Bone, Genko, Rudy Fritsch, Ross Nagle, Oliver Peck, Luke Wessman, Dean Williams, Steph D, Anabi, Maximo Lutz, Samuele Briganti, Laura Satana, Roman Abrego, Genziana, Michalangelo, Thomas Kynst, Colin Dale, Tim Kern, Liorcifer, Boris, Horikazu, Brad Fink, Kazuyoshi Nakano, Josh Chaman, Trevor Collis, Kyle Markiewicz, Justin Weatherholtz, Kate Mackay Gill, James Woody Woodford, Matt Jordan, Chuey Quintanar, Alexis Vaatete, Maud Dardeau, Csaba Mullner, Avi Vanunu, Nick Baxter, Toshihide, Pablo Felipe, Stewart Robson, Emiliano Liberatori, Emiliano Liberatori, Ryan Evans, Jak Connolly, Horimasa Bunshin-Saikian, Horiken, Horishin, Tumppi, Duncan X, Matty D’Arienzo, Gareth “Woody” Sones, James Lovegrove, Nico Cennamo, Mitomo HoriHiro, Michelle Myles, Safwan, Caleb Quales, Shane O’Neill, LM Knight, Alex Reinke AKA Horikitsune, Federico Ferroni, Pablo DE, Jack Newton, Neil Bass, Alice of the Dead, PHred, Chris Higgins, Dan Frye, Craig Ridley, EJ Miles, Luci Lou, Alexis Camburn, Diana Jay, Liviu Chirica, Alex Mansuy, Sergio Sanchez, Mauro Imperatori, Peter Morrison, Jenna Kerr, Billy Hay, Marcus McGuire, joe Frost, Jorge Longobardo, Tanis Biazus, Damin, Nicola Cassidy, Dave The Buddha Ashton, Timpac Cyrus, Karl Frey, Eric Gonzalez, Jose Lopez, Jun Cha, Pabloe Aponte, Andrick Aviles, Sabrina De Fazio, Jordan Baxter, Samuel Sancho Aka Samu, Paco Cendon, Snappy Gomez, Rob Richardson, Jamie Schene, Carlos Rojas and Erik Rieth to name a few..

Inked Up Tour | Boston Tattoo Convention

NEXT STOP on the Sullen (@sullenclothing) Rockstar Energy (@rockstarenergy) Inked Up Tour is The Boston Tattoo Convention, This Weekend (@BostonTattooCon).
Headlining Tattoo Artist is BJ Betts (@bjbetts)

Tattoo Artist BJ Betts is a typography titan.  His pioneering tattoo lettering books are industry standard, not only setting new trends but also offering sage advice to fellow tattooers.  Over the course of his career, Betts has translated his distinctive style to clothing and sneakers through collaborations with Adidas, New Balance, Bounty Hunter, House Industries, and Sullen.  When not traveling, Betts works from one his two tattoo shops, Wilmington’s Trademark Tattoo and State Street Tattoo in Kennet Square, Pennsylvania.

With tattooing as his medium, BJ Betts style utilizes elements from gothic imagery and Japanese folklore with an emphasis on perfecting fonts and unique lettering, even writing four guides on the subject that became instant tattoo industry standards.

See more of BJ BETTS work below:







8-27-2014 8-28-09 PM

8-27-2014 8-27-57 PM

8-27-2014 8-26-11 PM




8-27-2014 8-28-31 PM

8-27-2014 8-27-37 PM















You Can Vote for BJ BETTS Inked Up Tour Rockstar Energy Can Art (Here)